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Amy Laker

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All I ever wanted to do is to train and have fun with dogs, I got my first dog in 2006 and I knew this was where my heart was, training has been my passion all my life.


I am devoted to helping you with your dog so you get the life you have been dreaming of.

All of my training is gentle, kind, positive and uses games to aid your relationship, with your dog.

I am able to help with a range of dog behaviours.

My achievements

I have completed A number of online courses

“Fit for life training the family dog”- obtained credit in 2006

Introduction to canine psychology level one – obtained a credit- 2012

Understanding what makes a dog tick – obtained a Diploma- in 2017

Setting up a successful training class- obtained a diploma- in 2017

Intermediate Canine psychology – obtained a distinction - 2018

Puppy training course – obtained a diploma- 2018

Pro dog trainer – obtained a Pass-2022

I am currently working towards level 4 accredited advanced canine behaviour – which I hope will be completed in the next year.

I have also been working with the French bulldog rescue GB.
I am also a trainer for dogs A.I.D to find out more about dogs A.I.D.

I have the bug to keep expanding on my theory knowledge to ensure I am able to help a range of dog-related issues and to give the best advice I can.

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Puppy preparation 
Are you getting a puppy soon and unsure where to look for advice?
Stage one puppy course is for dogs under the age of 6 months.
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Stage two puppy course is for dogs over the age of 6 months and under a year. 
Maintenance course 
This course is suitable for adult dogs with little training.
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The Junior course
This follows from the puppy course. 
Advanced course.
Follows on from the Junior.
One-to-one training 
Is ideal if you have issues
and wouldn't suit a class environment.
Short course
if you can't commit to
a long training course.
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