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Pre-School Fun - Loving - Puppy Training

For puppies, once fully vaccinated to six months.

What will you gain from Amy's gentle dog training?

- A fun way of training, which can also help your bond.

- To be able to understand the way your dogs learn.
- A way to get results, with your dog.
- You are always welcome to ask questions.

The contents of your Seven-week course

  • Confidence building 

  • Novelty objects 

  • Disengagement 

  • Calmness 

  • Focus on you. 

  • Basic Obedience

    • Recall, 

    • Lead walking ​

    • Sit 

    • Attention to handler

  •  And more.

Amy's gentle dog training a puppy

Amy's gentle dog training to join the next seven-week course.

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