Pluto- Training 

Thank-you Amy for putting me on the right path with your patience for helping me with my dog Pluto, your gentle kind approach and practical tips have really helped us on our way for happy relaxed evenings. 
Thanks again. Steve

"A perfect calm approach to my dogs behaviour"

Amy was so understanding of my dog's personality and adapted the training to suit him. He is already listening to me more and we are having fun learning together. I would recommend Amy for one-to-one sessions to anyone. Lucy

"Amy was very friendly and helpful and I felt at ease with her in my home"

Amy recently worked with me to help with anxiety issues and basic training for a Puppy which I was fostering.

I found Amy very friendly and helpful and felt at ease with her in my home. She helped me by showing me small training changes which had an incredible impact. Amy kept in touch between training appointments to ask how we were getting on and to answer any question's, I highly recommend Amy, I’m looking forward to working with her in the future! Jo

"I am so glad we came dog training with you"


We had a great time doing dog training with you. Ted is much better on the lead (not pulling) and putting a lead on, I am so glad we came dog training with you, I now have the confidence to make Ted a really good, friendly dog. Andrea

"Really really useful" 

Really really useful Henry has come on a long way. Very helpful when we have come to you for advice, a big big thank you. Joe and Kate

"Great relaxed class"

Great relaxed class with lots of exercises and chances for socialisation. Duncan

"Gentle and rewarding approach"

We have found that the gentle and rewarding approach is working really well with our dog. Amy has gone the extra mile to advise us on different issues we are experiencing with him. Eliza and Tim

"Given us a lot more confidence"

It has given us a lot more confidence around other dogs and was the perfect introduction to dog training classes. Mark 

"Very good"

Helps with training very well and confident. Andi

"Built confidence" 

Really built confidence in both of us. Paul 

"Its beneficial"

Its beneficial because I learned a lot and so did Teddy. very enjoyable. Delia

"More attention to each dog and owner"

Smaller class hence able to give more attention to each dog and owner.
Patience and able to address indvidual dog habits and concerns. We found it very beneficaial with our very active puppy. Ray

"Fun and learning"

Its a great environment for fun and learning .
Amy is an assured teacher/trainer who shows her explanations very clearly. Faron

"Thanks to great coaching tips and techniques"

It helped us to gain confidence in training our puppy. Jessie picked up the training well thanks to great coaching tips and techniques. The combination of group training as well as Amy giving her advice one on one within each session was ideal. Lucy and Nick

"Understanding my dogs nature better"

Understanding my dogs nature better and how to work on correcting problems. 

I'm glad there was only 3 dogs as if there were more I don't think we could all get the attention in the time of the lesson.Christina

" The techniques you have told us have helped"

You have turned a shy puppy into a puppy who isn't as scared as he was four weeks ago and the techniques you have told us have helped. Cat and Ali

"She can be a bit of a handful"

I would just like to say thank you very much for helping me with Marti.  Having you come to my home for one to one sessions worked perfectly for both me and Marti as she can be a bit of a handful !!  You were very understanding and patient with both of us and gave me a lot of tips to try and after putting them into practice they are beginning to work.  Marti is already listening to me more and is not quite such a handful.  I would certainly recommend you to any of my friends who get puppies in the future and definitely recommend one to one sessions. Shirley

"I just can't thank her enough for all her help"

When Amy first came to see me and my American Bulldog Rocco I didn't know what to expect. He was a crazy puppy who chewed threw most of my things including bedding but with Amy's help and guidance things are still improving everyday . And I just can't thank her enough for all her help. Eileen

"More structure"

It gave me more structure and ideas to use in my puppy training, when at home. Michelle

"Socialising and wanted to join a class"

Having had one to one sessions previously which I found extremely beneficial, I decided Marti needed extra training and socialising and wanted to join a class. The classes were just right and Marti has improved greatly.
Thank you Amy for your patience with both of us I know Marti is a bit of a handful. Shirley

"Really friendly"

Really friendly / informal.
Small classes and so practical. Theory and then practice with input of any thing we found tricky- really helpful and we see such a difference in our puppy.
Thanks so much for your help! Susan and Abi

"We use Amy's training methods everyday "

Amy showed us many helpful techniques which have benefited not only our puppy but also our older (not so calm) dog.

We use Amy's training methods everyday and our dogs are showing real improvement. Louise and Luke

"Not had a puppy before "

For me the one to one worked better rather than being in a large class. Not having a puppy before its quite a challenge so I've had a good start so far. Thank you. Elaine 

"No pressure on us or the puppies "

The training was great, no pressure on us or the puppies, relaxed atmosphere. Amy is very good with the dogs.  Good introduction to training the puppies. Tanya and Michael 

"Focus and training"

Dougie's focus and training has improved so much and I have learnt stuff that I can teach at home. Chloe 

"Amy has benefited us"

I found Amy beneficial as she has helped. Anita

"Experienced at handling"

- I can tell that you have the experience 

- Relaxed training 
-Experienced at handling

- Not just learnt it from a book 

- I liked the trick with getting the dog to go down. not seen other trainers use it. Kerryn

"I loved it"

Amy - you gave us some great pointers and confidence in me that I was doing some things right and ideas for other ways of training- I loved it. Sandra

"enjoying our walks more"

He is more focused and has learnt so much, he is more confident which makes us more confident and enjoy our walks more. Rachel

"Very helpful"

Very helpful with dealing with individual problems, 
Thanks very much. Chris


Amazing with my dog and helped her learn.

"Very friendly"

very friendly and quiet atmosphere. Mike

" No- one was made to feel a failure"

The classes were small, the people were friendly, the dogs were all different abilities and no- one was made to feel a failure for not being great at it. Hazel

"Beneficial to my dog"

I found this beneficial to my dog as it was a small friendly group. so he did not get frightened or distracted. Sharon 

" Able to ask questions"

I was able to ask questions and feel supportive in the group really good advice which has us out of the class two. Gillian.

"Amy was very helpful"

Amy was very helpful at telling us how do to it, It was amazing how she answered our questions. Amy got our dog to learn loads and us two. Millie and Jake

"Amy's teaching method is just what we were looking for"

Amy's teaching method is just what we were looking for. she is calm patient and knowledgeable we thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. 

I would recommend any new puppy owner to attend Amy's classes- I feel he has come along way and her coaching tips have definitely helped at home. Thanks very much for your classes. Stuart. 

"Brilliant lessons"

brilliant lessons, great for some socialising dogs as well as helpful tips to succeed. Zoe. 

"Our dog is a rescue dog"

Amy is very patient and welcoming. Our dog is a rescue dog who needed extra encouragement. Amy gave us great confidence and helped us to build a great relationship with our dog. Thanks to Amy so much. Lisa.

"relaxing environment but very informative"

I found Amy's dog training a really good relaxing environment but very informative. We had enjoyed and learnt a lot. Becks 

" never owned a dog before"

As I've never owned a dog before It has been very beneficial as had no idea how to train a dog initially. Now i have a better understanding. Vanessa

"Amy taught me how to"

I need to know how to train Tilly and Amy taught me how to. Ena

"Very positive with idea to enhance the training"

Nice friendly group of dogs and owners. Very positive with idea to "enhance" the training. Jayne

"Confidence and advice with problems"

Gave me confidence and advice with problems encountering outside of the training sessions. Gillian (Junior class)

"Generally helped with the training on key things."

Fun, no pressure 
​Generally helped with the training on key things.
Good number at the sessions. Tim and Sarah 

"Fun and entertaining"

It was great to attend the training and get some help on how to train our dog.
Amy was very patient and made the classes fun and entertaining. Fiona (Junior class)

"Has drastically improved"

It has helped our dog learn to control himself much better around other dogs, His heel and attention/focus has drastically improved. Aaron. (Junior Class)

"My dog listens better"

Anita (Junior class)

"Very nervous at the start"

The gentle approach has worked very well with our dog, he was very nervous at the start of training. Sharon (Junior class)

"Ideas and tips"

Interesting and informative 
Ideas and tips to continue at home. Viv and Graham.

"well trained dog through Amy's advise"

Amy has helped with advice which I have continued to use at home to train my dog, 
which I feel he has become a well trained dog through Amy's advise. Avon.

"Come along way"

My dog come a long way and learnt a lot. Jenny and Kevin.

"Relaxed atmosphere" 

Good relaxed atmosphere and happy to answer all our questions. Alex and Hannah.

"Thanks to Amy's techniques"

I found it a great experience for me and my dog. I can now see how much me and my dog can achieve when we work together and this is thanks to Amy's techniques. Monica.

"Advice was extremely valuable"

Amy's training was brilliant and well worth the money. Amy is so knowledgeable and as a first time dog owner, The advice was extremely valuable. We went as a whole family to each class and we all really enjoyed them. We would definitely recommend. Toby and Karen.

"Amy has an excellent understanding"

Amy has an excellent understanding of each individual dog's (and owners) needs.

Friendly, relaxed classes, which have helped us to feel more confident dog owners. 

We have all really enjoyed the classes and will miss them! Lyons family.

"More confident" 

Helped to make our dog more confident with other dogs and helped us to enjoy owning a dog. Shelley.

"Bespoke guidance"

Amy was very helpful answering questions and giving bespoke guidance. Thomas and Ester.

"Our dog is now relaxed"

"Our dog is now relaxed around other dogs and obey's commands. Sharon.

"Opportunity for 1:1 time"

It was nice to have a small group- lots of opportunity for 1:1 time. 

I taught my dog to "wait" through your training. My dog loves it here maybe see you for the Junior. Sharna

"Friendly and fun classes"

Friendly and fun classes. 

Good to see the puppies progressing each week. Debbie.

"An enjoyable experience"

The training was an enjoyable experience for us and our dog, we feel we can understand her actions and reactions so much better than we would have without Amy's guidance. Susan. 

"Excellent care and advice"

Amy is patient, friendly and flexible. 

She understands the needs of each individual dog (and their owners)

Her excellent care and advice has helped us to feel more confident dog owners and improved the behaviour or our dog. Classes are fun and enjoyable. Rebecca.

"Work with each dog individually"

Relaxed atmosphere. 

Amy takes the time to work with each dog individually. Susie.

"Leading to a better relationship"

Helped our dog learn the basic which we can now practise together leading to a better relationship and understanding of how to train. Gemma 

"Very approachable" 

Amy has been so helpful as I am a first time dog owner. there's so much that I hadn't thought about and silly things which I had overlooked in my day to day behaviours. Amy has a wealth of knowledge. 

She's kind, patient and very approachable. She's easy to talk to and makes the lessons fun and interesting. 

Thank you for helping us so much with Simba you've been amazing. Suzie 

"Never had a puppy before"

Amy always explains things clearly from the dogs point of view, enabling us to understand why dogs do what they do, and respond as they do.

Having this understanding makes puppy ownership a much more pleasurable experience, especially as we have never had a puppy before. Debbie.

"Guides you through the skills you need as a dog owner"

Amy has an excellent base of dog knowledge and a good way of explaining dog behaviour. she guides you through the skills you need as a dog owner without getting bogged down by all the unnecessary "tricks" or gimmicks. 

We will definitely look out for the next stage of classes. Unity and Nick

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