This course is ideal for rescue dogs or family pet dogs where obedience is not what it used to be.

This course is 1 hour each week for, four weeks.

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course starts please click

In this course we will cover. 

  • Sit,

  • Down,

  • stand

  • Come when called, 

  • Walk on lead,

  • watch

  • And more

I will provide a certificate on week four.

Prior to the course please read through the        and sign and date in the appropriate place.

What to Bring every week.

Collar and lead,

Titbits favourite treats, 


Poop bags for any emergencies in or out of the hall.

Price and how to pay

The course fee of £45- covers 1 hour  training for four weeks.

The £45 is required to hold your placement.

I accept cash and cheque.

(Please forward cheque fourteen days prior to the course starting date)