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Hello my name is Amy Laker I live on the out skirts of Thatcham


Ever since I can remember my whole life has been centred around dogs going to dog shows running other peoples dogs in agility and training the family dogs, all I ever wanted to do is to train and play with dogs, its my passion.

When I was 15 I completed the "fit for life training the family dog" course through the animal care college.

at 21 I completed "Introduction to canine psychology" also through the animal care college, and ever since I have had the bug to keep expanding on my theory knowledge to ensure I am able to help a range of dog related issues and to give the best advice I can.

I have also been working with the french bull dog rescue GB.
I am now a trainer for dogs A.I.D to find out more about dogs A.I.D please click here

Now let’s meet my dogs :)

The first dog I owned,

Who is now a lovable old man

between us we won many rosettes and cups in agility and obedience after our success his health started to decline, I decided to retire him however he still remembers everything and gets excited when I get the training bag out.

My second dog is the largest of all,

Who likes to live life to the full in the fast lane, she is

great fun to train as I have to be one step ahead of

her. She is a good obedience dog, you may get to

meet her from time to time.

My last dog is also my smallest dog, 

With a massive character who thinks training and

learning is more fun than playing.  

Amy's Gentle dog training
Newbury Berkshire 
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